Mission statement

You can train people to be carers but you can’t train them to care is the cornerstone of our mission to provide sustainable, ecologically and landscape led environments for people over the age of 55 to live in and enjoy throughout their life.

In keeping with government initiatives to stop using gas in new construction and by incorporating the use of electric vehicles and EV charging points, renewably sourced electricity, high levels of carbon neutral insulation and state of the art technologies including air to water and air to air heat pumps, we will actively contribute to de‐carbonising the carbon footprint of retirement housing.

CGI front view of bungalows

Our vision

Having studied world‐leading environments for elderly care and reviewed the House of Commons report1 for “housing for older people” in detail, our vision was developed to provide the UK with innovative and spacious retirement living accommodation and facilities, with a strong ecological and landscape focus, that enable residents to remain independent in their property for as long as possible, enjoying activities with friends and neighbours, whilst having the re‐assurance of 24‐hour on‐site care.

Encouraging active lifestyles in a safe environment, offering local event interactions to increase community spirit and improve wellbeing.


Two ladies on park bench
  • Aeriel view of Burnham
  • CGI frontal views of bungalows
  • Seniors playing card games

Case study — Burnham Waters


We have developed two styles of bungalows which are shown below. The contemporary is on the left and traditional on the right, which is being used to deliver the Burnham Waters community.

Burnham Waters site layout
Burnham Waters approved layout.

The Water Project